Mervue Laboratories mission is to support riders, trainers, vets and owners to address the specific individual nutritional needs of theirs horse and so maximise their athletic potential and performance.


The production of our nutraceutical Equine products is based on GMP standards. All products are tested in the Forensic Laboratory Newmarket England to ensure the products are eatable for competition ridders at he very highest level. It is this commitment to quality and performance that makes Mervue Laboratories the world leading specialist in Equine nutrition.


The production process starts with the careful selection of raw materials sourced from around the world. Each product must be in compliance with the highest European Quality Standards and this is carefully monitored in each phase of development and during the production process.


Mervue Laboratories employs a team of highly qualified nutritionists and chemists who use the latest research from across the world to formulate top quality products. Mervue Laboratories manufactures a full range of products for performance horses, products under GMP plus and UFAS quality standards.


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